Talking Crazy Amazing Dads, Pigeons & Dragons with Cressida Cowell

Talking Crazy Amazing Dads, Pigeons and Dragons with Cressida Cowell



The morning of February 16, an hour before Cressida Cowell is set to speak about her bestselling series, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. I am reminiscing the little scuffles I would have with my friends to ‘win’ her latest book from the school library. I am about to speak to the author that invoked those emotions of triumph and immersed me into a world of fire breathing, talking dragons, large, horrendous hairy Vikings and a scrawny boy who is not afraid of the bullies and the challenges the world throws at him. I am ready to get to know her. I want to know about how the books we would fight for came to be. Apologies to any of my friends reading this. If you are still sore over those punch ups just remember; to get to where I am sitting now, it was totally worth the bruises. So after a quick, surreal introduction and a fun conversation about my ginormous phones (only one of which is actually mine but both are needed to record this session) we begin. Here are all the wonderful things she has to say.


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